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Client Comments

10/19 I have had many home inspections done over the years and I have never found one like yours that contains so much useful info. Like location of electrical boxes, water shut offs, etc. Thanks so much!! CK

8/19 I wanted to personally Thank You for the home inspection that you did for us this week on Elkhorn Trail. I was impressed with the detail you used with the buyers, patiently explaining everything to them. KT

8/19 Carl, thank you for an excellent, thorough inspection. Much appreciated, A&RN

8/19 Thank you for the great work. JR

8/19 Thank you for being so thorough! We appreciate your hard work. PH

6/19 Another great job, Carl. Thank you! Always enjoy seeing you… RJ

5/19 Carl thank you for such a comprehensive, illustrative and actionable report. It is much appreciated. CR

5/19 Thanks amazing job ! FC

5/19 Thank you Carl, so much for your hard work and info. We will use your services next time. DL

5/19 Thank you Carl, we appreciate the inspection and the report. S&CM

3/19 Got it, Carl. Thank you! A pleasure to see you. I appreciate your thoroughness. CK

2/19 Very nice report ...Thank you, Carl Phillips. LN

2/19 Thank you Carl for your excellent and helpful report! JBS

2/19 I was very impressed by your work ethic and professionalism. I'm not easily impressed! “We” just wanted to thank you for your diligence in helping us. I also appreciated the meeting at the end. MD

1/19 Carl, Thank you for the thorough report. We appreciate all the info and recomendations. KJ

1/19 Thanks Carl, my clients, as I are very happy with your quick response and great service. Hope I have another transaction soon - I will certainly recommend you again. VY

1/19 Hi, Carl. We appreciate your quick turnaround and thoroughness. FM

12/18 Thanks Carl. It's very clear and detailed. I also appreciate the quick turnaround. JO

7/18 Thank you so much, Carl! I really appreciate the inspection and sending the report in such a timely fashion! MA

7/18 Your professional viewing and easy to understand report is very much appreciated. BW

6/18 Thank you Carl, you are my favorite Home Inspector! DDC

4/18 Hi, Carl. Nicely handled as always. Thank you! BK

3/18 Thank you for your professionally detailed and precise inspection. Respectfully, RD

3/18 Thank you Carl for a highly professional job. BC

3/18 You have been most helpful. MB

2/18 An excellent job, as always. Thanks Carl. RJ

2/18 Thank you Carl...truly a pleasure. NT

2/18 Mr. Carl, thank you, you do a great job. I learned a lot. Thanks again. MG

10/17 Thank you very much, Carl. It was a pleasure having you perform the inspection work in such a professional, efficient manner. PP

7/17 Just looked at our report. Excellent job! AL

7/17 My pleasure. I always enjoy working with you. JF

6/17 Thanks for doing this so quickly, Carl -- and for your usual professionalism and courtesy. The report looks very complete. RJ

6/17 Thank you very much! I appreciate your attention to detail! CG

5/17 Thank you very much, Carl! I appreciate your time and expertise! AN

4/17 Good morning Carl, thank you so much for getting the inspection report to us so quickly. It looks very complete and thorough. We appreciate your good work! D&BS

4/17 Thank you Carl! It was a pleasure working with you. NS

3/17 Thank you for taking the time yesterday to do such a thorough inspection. TB

3/17 Thanks Carl. Your services are much appreciated. ET

3/17 Thank you for your great service again Carl! And guess what? You are already on our list of recommended Inspectors! LR-G

3/17 Carl, Thank you for a very thorough and easily understood report. JK

2/17 Very thorough job, Carl. Thank you! RS

9/16 Greetings Carl. I have read the report and have discussed with my agent. You did a great and thorough job and I'm grateful for the report. Thanks very much. DB

8/16 Hi Carl, thank you for the report. We would also like to thank you for your thorough work, your professionalism and expertise. You are obviously top notch, and we appreciate it. We will happily recommend you to anyone who needs their property inspected. GH

7/16 Carl, Thank you for this thorough report! We will definitely be using you again. G

6/16 You're the best Carl! Thanks so much! NV

6/16 Thank you so much Carl for doing the inspection and for your thorough report as well. CE

5/16 Greetings Carl, Thank you for your thorough report. TA

3/16 BTW: thanks again for your service. I found your attention to details and report to be above average. I mean that in the best, most sincere, way. JC

2/16 Hi Carl, Thank you so much for all you do and your patience in getting through the process. Absolutely my pleasure to meet you yesterday. CB

3/16 Thank you Carl. It was a pleasure working with you. AD

2/16 Thanks Carl. Your expedience and professionalism is greatly appreciated. KC

7/15 Hi Carl, Thanks for following up. I liked the reports format. We will be calling you again. AG


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